Colours :    
All, mostly white and bright
Brands :    
Only shops abroad -- H&M, G-Star and Diesel
Shades :    
D&G, Ray-Ban, MTV Roadies
Shoes :    
Nike, Van, DC, Supra
Watches :    
Ed Hardy, Fossil and Diesel. 
Must have in my wardrobe :
Jeans, T-shirts and biker’s jacket 
Colour of the season :

Style Tips

Do not try too hard. Wear what you are comfortable in and be confident about it as it must suit your personality. And, carry yourself well.


Born Rannvijay Singh Singha on March 16, 1983, in Jalandhar, I was known as Donny by family, school and college friends and teachers. I carry a legacy of five generations of an army background, including my father and mother, a teacher and boutique owner. I am very close to my younger brother Harmanjeet (sssshhh, don’t tell him that!). My family is closely knit and while playing games, we split into two teams: Donny-Mom and Harman-Dad. But my team always wins.

Coming from an army background, I have traveled places. I studied at nine schools and graduated from Hansraj College, with friends all over. I always participated in extra-curricular activities in school and college, and still scored above average.

As a child, my obvious career choice was the army. I have played basketball at the state and national levels, so I also wanted to be a professional, like Michael Jordon.

Life has not changed after Roadies. It has always been full of fun and sports. Wherever I go, everybody knows me; at school and college because of my active participation, and the story is the same now. People know me everywhere (applause, please)! Life as a celebrity VJ is more difficult than in the army. I have friends in the army and they are pretty chilled out. They have time for everything: workouts, friends, family and vacations. And me, I often don’t even get time to eat! Sometimes, I work for 76 hours at a stretch. My greatest hobbies are sports and biking. I am also heavily into the customisation of cool bikes and hot cars. Visit www.egocustomwheels.com for details.

Total Recall

I have been very naughty since childhood. Even when I was two, when we lived in army row houses, I used to run to the first house, eat chocolates, biscuits, play, and then go to the second house and the third house and so forth.

By evening, my parents would frantically start searching for me and finally find me in one of the houses around. This continued for long and when I went out with my parents, people would recognise them through me.

I gave my parents fame since I was two… quite cool! Being a sardar, I had long hair and traditionally tied it up. But I was so mischievous that my mother had to tie it up seven to eight times a day. One day, my uncle got angry seeing me trouble my mom and took me to a barber and chopped off my hair. Most memorable year at school: APS Army Public School, Dhaula Kaun, New Delhi .


“Wear anything you believe in. Be confident about it as it is about how you carry yourself and express yourself” – Rannvijay

As a fashion icon for youth, my advice to you is that it’s most important to be comfortable in what you wear. You can wear the best brands but if you are not confident and not able to carry yourself, it is of no use. 

I am obsessed with clothes and shoes. In fact, I have over 100 pairs of shoes (Imelda Marcos fans, please note). 


It has been difficult for the media to gossip about me. Sorry, guys. I have always been honest about life.
When I came to Mumbai at 21, my only friend was MTV VJ Anusha.

We became friends and dated for long. But I have been single since INSERT THE YEAR. I still have very high regard for Anusha and we are best friends; in fact, we are family.

I am not a party person even though for half a decade I have been in the news for Roadies, Spiltsville, my passion for bikes and my fashion statements. 

I have a long list of girlfriends and dates from my school days. I have always been lucky to date girls I was always wanted as I ooze self-confidence.

On spending time with girlfriends, all I can say, is well, at school it was quite innocent, standing together in a group before the assembly, spending time during recess and after school hanging out… which was fun and exciting.
And, remember, the favorite place to take a woman is where the woman wants to go.